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Why is Damore.Solution doing this?

Damore.Solution originally pursued the Damore.Solution project to supply Damore clients already working with Dr. Damore.
The interest group grows continuously with an ever increasing interest on self- development and improved understanding of nutrition.

Products of these standards are generally not easily available. Dr Damore likes to have her clients use products to a high standard and fulfil her expectations and quality requirements, without the additional expenditure of sourcing individual components from all over the world, costing much, much more and also being quite difficult to organise.


Dr. Damore is very selfish in this sense and demands an effective product to support her work. Damore.Solution Ltd. is privately held and therefore we can make friendlier calculations for consumers prices that do not exploit like the broader industry.

Damore.Solution provides 1-2-1 support for every client.
If you are interested in buying and unsure, just write us. We generally respond within 24h.


Reviewing the common marketplace as a whole, it is sometimes difficult to distinguish what is truly beneficial and functional and often relies on subjective experience to determine if a functional quality is involved and is reflected in the vast amount of customer feedbacks that evaluate products that may seem very similar to one another at a glance, because most often products are very similar.

This is the same with nutritional supplementation to the extent that a functional and non- functional product can seem identical when looking at the label.


In many industries, e.g. the running shoe market, there are extensive product feedback initiatives undertaken to really get an understanding of the functional product, before a purchase commitment is made. This is wholly driven by subjective feedback and can be very contradicting without a huge pool of feedbacks.


Looking at the nutritional supplement market and digging a bit deeper into the industry, if you look closely, a lot of brands and companies are copying one another in their style and how they generate huge margins on product- sales.

You will see that this is only possible if you sacrifice product quality!



There are two core points that make the standard and widely supported food supplement industry model a questionable one and why it is worth looking at:

– where does “quality” come from?
– is “quality” the perception of a product or the effect of a product?

Question: Where does quality come from?
Answer: We feel that quality should be reflected in the integrity of a product and how the known physiological responses and needs are supported by the product composition.
When the need and requirements to obtain the desired effect are fully met,  then the desired result is a logical and inevitable consequence.

Question: Is “quality” the “perception” of a product or the “effect” of a product?
Answer: We believe quality can only be the effect of a product. We feel that there needs to be a clear definition of product quality in effect and customer satisfaction. We feel that many clients of other brands are using products without looking critically at the product integrity and effects.

We feel that an effective quality product contributes to a higher level of client satisfaction without a need of subjective third- party support. Knowing for yourself is more valuable.



“The expense the industry is not willing to take.”
You may often hear about or read about methylation and chelation. Lets clarify the difference.

Methylation is simply the adding or removal of the methyl- group of an element.

For instance you should always choose methyl-folate instead of folic acid, since methyl-folate is methylated and folic acid isn’t and it needs to be in order for your body to use it.
The same goes for B12.


The cheaper and more common cobalamin is non-methylated, while the more expensive Methylcobalamin is methylated.


How is Methylation used and metabolised?
The body use the methyl groups to “turn on” detox reactions that help the body clear and neutralise various chemicals. Methyl groups are also used to “turn on” serotonin, and therefore can also enhance your melatonin production.


Damore.Solution products use methylation in the B3, B9, B12 and on top it also contains the amino acid methionine to supply your body optimally too.


What are the benefits of Chelated substances?
When supplementing minerals on the other hand, it is equally necessary to bind the mineral to a substance because that enhances its absorption.
A binding substance, called a chelate (“a clawing”) is usually an amino acid or an organic acid.
Examples of organic acids to which minerals can be bound include citric  acid/citrate, malic acid/malate, or picolinic acid/picolinate.

How does it work?
When chelating a mineral it is “clawing” or grabbing onto an amino acid/organic acid so the mineral won’t get lost in the intestinal tract but instead aids to enhance the absorption of the mineral.



A lot of studies have been made and they show that calcium carbonate for example is not as well absorbed as calcium citrate or calcium citrate-malate are. In fact 4 times more calcium is absorbed from calcium citrate-malate than in the cheaper calcium carbonate.

Like calcium citrate-malate, magnesium citrate-malate is also better absorbed than less expensive forms, such as magnesium oxide that is usually found in the cheaper dietary supplements commonly available.

The same goes for picolinic acid that is a natural organic acid produced in the pancreas.

Studies indicate mineral picolinates provide superior absorption when compared to other mineral chelates. For example, zinc picolinate is more effective in reversing a zinc deficiency than the cheap forms of zinc found in common dietary supplements.

What is Chelation in effect?
Chelation also describes a detoxification process where you eliminate toxic metals from the body. The process usually takes from two to twelve months.


No matter what condition your body is in, Damore.Solution products support your body maintenance and enhancement through optimised nutritional support.


Damore.Solution products are using chelates to enhance your absorption of minerals.

For further reference kindly review scientific data here: DS_Damore.Solution_Sources+Links

Why have I never heard of this before now?

You would not have found this written publicly or marketed with any product because it is generally not used for “regular”, unfortunately lower quality and less efficient products.


It is simply too expensive to produce and would make the sales-price much to high to sell.

REMINDER: We do not ship (old version) Daily.Multi or Oxy.Pack to Germany due to our manufacturing distribution license agreement. Dismiss