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Mission Statement

Damore.Solution is dedicated to providing the best biologically accessible and functionally beneficial
product solutions available today and consistently support each product with a broad base of
recognised knowledge for consumers to be properly informed about their supplement choices.
Damore.Solution is dedicated to doing this at a best possible price for highest customer cost efficiency.
Damore.Solution provides intelligent solutions for intelligent people at a price that makes sense.


The name-giver of Damore.Solution Ltd., Dr Pernille Damore ND, the mother of the Damore.Development-Program, the Damore.Diet, the Damore.Method of Regression-Therapy, the Damore.Coach and Damore.Therapist Educations has been engaged in therapies and treatments of literally every kind, solving problems with people the past 18 years. (please visit her website: www.pernilledamore.com)
Pernilles’ work the past 10 years has seen her develop educational programs and author a number of publications for people in need to understand their situation quickly and effectively. She has communicated a clean lifestyle consistently for all this time, creating the brand of “detox” nearly 20
years ago that is still used today. Many people that have been treated in her clinics or at other
institutions trained in her Damore.Method have not always had the luxury of time. Basically she does what others struggle to comprehend, the dance of life, back and forth, always balancing, always finding a new and supportive course.
Pernille discovered for herself how bodies can be activated and helped to be vital beyond common imagination. Today, every single Damore.Method client and Damore.Diet advocate, or whether Damore.Coach or Damore.Therapist, can look back for themselves knowing that Pernille Damore helped them change their lives and those of many others making better decisions. Essentially making the life you want a conscious choice. Her words reach deep, always finding their mark, consistently, effectively, lovingly, thoroughly and always honest. Her following is international and ever growing, as you may already know through her social media channels on Facebook, Twitter and her website: www.pernilledamore.com
…and the more recent www.DamoreWorkshops.com.
Damore.Solution Ltd. carries Pernilles name under license and she is  responsible for determining every product marketed under the Damore trademark internationally.
Pernille, as is Damore.Solution Ltd., is very proud of creating these accessible and affordable products based on her experience, scientific knowledge and understanding for everybody to discover and incorporate into their own lives.
Please take your time and read all the information you find on these pages and share the contents with friends who you think may also be interested in Damore.Solution Ltd. and its products and projects.
Best wishes and lots of love from us at Damore.Solution Ltd.

Damore.Solution Beliefs

At Damore.Solution we have a core belief and trust in bio-chemistry and biology, knowing that when needs are met the physiological responses are inevitable. These reactions are also very well documented and can be reviewed in detail via the study- links we provide on www.damoresolution.com to get a deeper understanding of the bodies requirements and functional needs.

The Authentic Approach

At Damore.Solution we look very closely at the relationship of nutrients and their required environments and synergistic effects, e.g. the B-Vitamin group that does only work in full unison in a certain relationship with certain  compounds to be fully accessed and to unfold its full potential.
At Damore.Solution we do never incorporate in-organic compounds that are knowingly ineffective on a functional level. The example of Vit-A is a classic. Synthesised retinol is pretty useless, but is very very inexpensive, and can be labelled as Vit-A Retinol.
We feel that customers and athletes relying on us to provide a solid basis for their day-2-day activities should be getting the most natural and bio-available components possible so they actually have a benefit.
This example of retinol is just one of the many examples of how industry commonly uses the cheapest possible chemical option, then uses the RDA % to camouflage the situation into being perceived as beneficial.
Yes, you guessed it, in-organic and natural retinol carries the same RDA %.
At Damore.Solution we design the best products possible, using the highest quality components.
Exactly in contradiction to the industry.

REMINDER: We do not ship (old version) Daily.Multi or Oxy.Pack to Germany due to our manufacturing distribution license agreement. Dismiss